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No one died at Ayawaso bye-election …Sam George sings a different tune

By Agnes Ansah                  .
After Mr Samuel Nartey George, Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo-Prampram had told the world that the National Security operative had shot and killed a man in his own house, he failed to provide evidence to back his claim when he appeared before the Emile Short Commission of Enquiry yesterday.
The MP, who appeared at the commission in the company of two lawyers, Mr Francis Xavier-Sosu and Mr Godwin Edudzi Tamakloe, to give his evidence, indicated that he presumed the victim was dead due to the brutalities that were meted out to him.
It would be recalled that in footages captured by some media outlets, Mr George was seen and heard shouting that a man had been killed in his own house.
Meanwhile, subsequent footages and evidence given by other personnel at the commission recorded no cases of killings, but rather shootings that injured, at most, nine people, according to the reports.
At yesterday’s hearing, Counsel for the commission, Mr Eric Osei-Mensah, indicated that since the MP couldn’t affirm the victims’ demise, his comments were unfortunate.
But, Mr George responded that he made the comments based on what he had witnessed in the building in which the victim was being brutalized, bearing in mind the trauma of the attacks on him and shots being fired at some onlookers.
Recounting the incident to the commission, Mr George explained in his calm and eloquent voice that “anybody who knows the area very well knows that there is an uncompleted building between the school and the premises of the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) parliamentary candidate, with a short wall.
“When a National Security operative whom I identified as Double and I got to that uncompleted building, we realised that a young man in a white T-shirt and brown trousers was being accosted by four to five men who were also members of National Security.
“All I remember seeing was that the man was struck by a gun or something I didn’t know, but I realised he was struck by something which made him fall to the ground. These four to five men continuously kicked him in the head and his body parts while he lay on the ground. I saw one of them pick a concrete block and attempt to smash it into the ground, and I kept screaming and said Double stop your men, this is wrong.
“He told me to shut up, that it wasn’t my business, and I said to him, I am a Member of Parliament, this is wrong. He asked me if I knew what a stray bullet was, at that point in time I shut up. I saw this individual in white T-shirt and brown trousers lying motionless, bleeding from his mouth and his nose.
“At the time I left with Double, the gentleman was motionless and bleeding from his mouth and his nose, after I had seen him being brutalised repeatedly on the floor.
“Double then walked me outside the premises of the building because his vehicle was outside the premises.
“A journalist was attempting to grant me an interview, and I told him to hold on so that was the point I told the this is so wrong, this is so wrong. You can’t kill a man in his own house. This is so wrong, this is so wrong. No matter how long it takes, justice would be served.”
Below is an excerpt of a part of what transpired at the commission
Q: Very well Mr George, you were heard in the video saying “this is so wrong, this is so wrong,” what were you referring to in the video as being so wrong?
A: My Lord in one of the videos, you would see footage of the gentle who, in my testimony, I have made reference to as being attacked and I presumed genuinely at the time that he was dead. You would see of his body. It is that and the shooting into a crowd of unarmed Ghanaian citizens that I was complaining about and saying was so wrong.
Q: So, then if I got you right, you were referring to a man in white top, according to your evidence, and according to you was lying motionless.
A: At the time I left, yes.
Q: In the video, you are also heard saying “you have killed a man in his own house, who were you referring to?
A: Same man, my assumption at the time was that they had entered into the compound of somebody, they had met the man; I assumed that that was his house.
Q: Okay, so then what you are telling the commission is that whatever you said then was only an assumption.
A: It was based on the event that I had witnessed at the time, bearing in mind the trauma of having been attacked, or having seen citizens of this country being shot at.
Q: Now, did you make any attempt to examine this man?
A: My Lord, when I have been told to shut up else I would experience a stray bullet. That would have been me signing my death warrant and leaving my young wife and two young sons behind to fend for themselves.
Q: So, then you agree with me, don’t you, that the statements you made were unfortunate, especially when you cannot give evidence to back them.
A: I disagree with you.

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